Premium quality can only born by combining skilled work with the best materials available. The leathers used need to be thin- only around 0,5-1,0 millimeters in thickness, depending on the type of the leather – but strong and flexible at the same time. The leather has also be soft with no color bleeding.

Most of our leather gloves are made of Ethiopian hair sheep. The leather of this sheep breed is especially well suited for glove production as it fills all the criteria stated above. The hair sheep leather we use is the finest aniline-dyed nappa which in addition to the dyeing has not been processed in any other way. The leather’s natural greasiness is preserved which makes it flexible and smooth. On the other hand, the small irregularities of the surface will show, but this is characteristic of aniline nappa.

The leather of the cites-protected Peccary-wild boar is considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of glove materials. The boar is hunted for food in the jungles of Peru and the magnificent leather acquired as a by-product becomes material for gloves that are classics.The leather is very durable, so gloves made from it will bring joy to the user for years to come. The feel of the leather is like second skin.

For luxurious leather it is not necessary to travel to the ends of the earth as Finnish reindeer leather really stands on it’s own in glove production. It is naturally thin and very durable with a silky feel. We always buy reindeer leather processed to resist water and dirt, which makes them suitable for any kind of weather.

Another national treasure for glove production can also be found from the Finnish forests, namely the Finnish elk. Elk leather is the thickest leather we use. It’s unique structure makes it very breathable and at the same time heat-insulating and wear-resistant. The thickness of elk leather restricts the models that can be made of it as the gloves can only be sewn with a so-called reverse-seam so gloves made with elk are always a bit more sporty in style.

Last but not least we have white-tail deer whose leather resembles that of an elk. However, the leather of a deer is thinner, so it’s possible to use it for more delicate glove models. Deer leather is very soft, but stands up to rubbing well so it’s an excellent material for gloves.

Our standards for the lining materials are as high as the leather. We only use linings made of natural fibers such as 100% wool, cashmere-wool blend, real silk, rabbit and slink lamb. Their ability to breathe and insulate at the same time are in their own league compared to synthetic linings. However, they are the weakest link of the product and that is why we offer our customers a service to have the linings changed at the customers expense, giving new life to beloved gloves.