The manufacturing of the Sauso gloves is closely linked with the history of the Sauso family. The current owner’s great-grandfather Svante Sauso was an apprentice to the German masters and founded a factory manufacturing quality leather gloves in Finland in 1929. Svante’s son Arno followed his father in leading the company. From his hands the company was passed on to the third generation of Sausos – represented by the current owner, Sakari Sauso.

The production continued in Finland until 1989, when the masters of glove making begun to reach the retirement age. Because there is no vocational training for manufacturing gloves in Finland, finding skilled cutters and sewers for industrial production became very difficult. It was then when Sakari decided to move the factory and the production to a city of Pecs in Hungary. In Pecs gloves have been manufactured since the middle of the 1800’s and to this day it continues to be the manufacturing centre of quality leather gloves. The roots of the company are still firmly in Finland as the design process and product development, sales and marketing are conducted there. Only the best and most suitable materials are accepted.

All Sauso gloves are manufactured by hand and we can monitor all the production stages (over 100) from the first cut to the finishing touches. It’s the quality and good fitting Sauso has been famous for nearly one century. This heritage is something we always cherish with love and passion. (Pictured Sauso’s factory in Järvenpää in the beginning of the 1930’s).