No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. John Donne was able to summarize in one sentence the guiding principle of our activity – taking others into consideration, in today’s terms, responsibility.

All the leather we use in our production are from animals that have lived either completely wild and free in nature (peccary, deer and elk), half-domesticated (reindeer) or domestic animals (sheep). These animals are bred or hunted for their meat, leather is only a by-product. We do not use skins or furs of farmed animals.

We also respect expensive leather materials by optimising the use of leather so that waste of material is minimized in the cutting phase. For this purpose, gloves are an excellent product, with many small parts (fingers, thumbs, wrist straps) that can be made with very small pieces of leather. Manufacturing gloves by hand is naturally very economical and therefore ecological in terms of materials use.

Our leather factories use only REACH-certified chemicals and take care of the cleaning of their sewage in accordance with the regulations as well as the recycling of other manufacturing waste. The skins we use have very low chemical residues. For example, the formaldehyde value is only 1/5 of what the EU allows for baby clothes. (Reutlinger’s Leather Laboratory Study).
The weakest link of lined leather gloves is natural fibre lining. The leather lasts for several years, but even the best lining wears in use, as well as any accessory made from knitwear. That is why we are delighted to offer our customers a service to change the linings which extends the life of the gloves significantly.